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hy guys i’m Back With new,Very Rare, Unique and Handpicked Quotes
I have brought you very amazing quotes in this article. so if you want to stay motivated and stay positive then read the all quotes.

You are amazing quotes


If the plane dose't work, then change the plan but never the goals

If an Egg is broken by outside force, Life Ends | If Broken by inside force life begins Great things always begin from inside.

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The Best Revenge is massive Success

Remember the days you prayed for the things you have now

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just because it’s hard dose’t mean it’s impossible YOU CAN DO IT

Some Time You Must Fail To Fuel Your Desire To Succeed

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5 Daily Reminders
2. Positivity is a choice
3. I Control my thoughts
4. I Can Do Anything
5. It Always Gets Better

Never start a business just to make money,
Start a business to make a difference

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Shoes And People
If They are hurt you, they are not of your size

Children must be thought how to think not what to think

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make your silence moves in silence

if it still on your mind it’s still worth taking the risk

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A Gentlemen make Commitments.
the Losers make promises

train your mind to be kind in every situation

You can either be the boss or work for the boss

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never announce your moves before you make them.

Work Hard Travel the world meet the beautiful people and build an empire.

Do not tell someone about your good side to make them stay.
Tell them your worst side and see who stays.

stay positive quotes

Think Continually about what you want, not about the things you fear

Success Does Not Consist In Never Making Mistakes, But In Never Making The Same One A Second Time.

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