Love Of My Life Quotes and sayings

Love of my Life Quotes And Sayings

Love Of My Life Quotes words are you need To The perfect thing to write (or say) to your true love, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Whether you are looking for the right words for a special occasion or events, or just to express how you feel ‘just because’, these love of my life quotes and sayings will help you show your true feelings and celebrate your Cute Love

Love is more of a feeling that a person feels for another person. People often confuse love and lust. Love means to be deeply committed and connected to someone or something. The basic meaning of love is to feel more than liking towards someone.

Love Of My Life Quotes and sayings
Love Of My Life Quotes and sayings

Love Of My Life Quotes

1. “In a room full of people, you’ll always be the first person I’d look for.”

2. “I hope we’ll sing our favorite song together someday.”

3. “I have loved you, am in love with you and shall love you every tomorrow.”

4. I Promised, I Will hold you when you’re sad, I will kiss you when you cry, I will make you smile whenever you feel down and, I will love you till I’d die’.

5. I have loved you, am in love with you, and shall love you every tomorrow.

You Are The Love Of My Life Quotes

6. “I Can’t help but always smile when I think of you”

7. “There are some peoples in this world who you can just love and love and love no matter what”

8.Hug me until I smell like you

9. And believe me, if it is meant for you, it will find you again

10. “I’m undeniably in love with everything about you.”

Love Of The Life Quotes for Him

11. “Don’t you get it? I chose you, over anyone else. I always fucking choose you.”

12. “Cuddling snuggling, smiling, laughing, and Kissing, All the things I want to do with you.”

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13. If you always treat her the way you did in the beginning when you wanted her, there will never be an end.

14. “I would do anything to have you in my arms right now”

15. At the end of the day, it’s all about who u wanna own a dog with.

Love Of My life

16. “I Want to Hold your hand when we’re 8o and say that we made it”

17. “You asked which part I loved most about myself and I replied “you”

18. Marrying late is better than marrying the wrong

19. Every girl needs a guy’s best friend.

20. “Can You just shut up me up by kissing me?”

You Are My Everything Quotes

21. He stole my heart so I am planning revenge… I am going to take his last name.

22. You are not the love I was Looking for, you are more. You are better.”

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23. “And maybe I don’t know what future looks like but I pray to God you’ll still be in it.”

24. “Fu*k I’m so in love with you You can’t even imagine”

25. Only you can give me that feeling

I Love You So Much Quotes

26. Really in the mood for a long drive with no destination

27. “You Make My Hear Glow With So Many Feelings”

28. “I woke up and the first thing I wanted was you”

29. “My Favorite Pillow? Your chest. My favorite lullaby? Your heartbeats on a Rainy Night”

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30. “Whenever I hear your name I Start Smiling.”

I Love My Wife Quotes

31. To my favorite person, if you see this, I love you

32. for the first time ever, I Feel like I can be myself. All thanks to you.

33. “For the first time ever, I feel like I can be myself. All thanks to you.”

34. I Promise to Stay if you promise to never leave.

35. “You are perfect to me, Completely you know that.”

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