Adult Humor Quotes And Sayings

Here Is Some Best Adult humor Quotes and sayings for boys and girls.

1 . Am a good person ( No )
But do I try to be better every single day? ( Also No )

2 . Wish I could drop my body off at the gym and pick it up when it’s ready

3 . Whoever thinks money doesn’t bring happiness, transfer it to my account

4 . If I say good night an hour later you see me online it’s not that I lied its just that I failed

5 . There’s plenty of fish in sea but you what else there is…?, Trash!!! there is lot of trash in the sea

6 . When a woman laugh during an argument, please know that the psycho part of brain has been activated

Best Adult humor Quotes

7 . if he mask while driving alone he’s not gonna do that thing you like

8 . I hate brushing my teeth at night because it signifies that you can’t have anymore food, and I’m just never ready for that kind of commitments

9 . Male bestfriends are the best. why? because they teach you all the game. they let you know who is good for you and who is not & I Love It.

10 . Why people call Nike “Nikey” you don’t ride a fucking bikey do you?

11 . Things i hate about my Job

  • getting out of bed
  • People
  • working

12 . Every Guy think that every girl’s Dream is to find that perfect guy, BULSHIT.!!! Every girl dream is to eat without getting fat

13 . Everyone has that one friend that can turn any conversation into something dirty.

Funny girls quotes

14 . I think i’m in love… Do you know with whom?? With myself

15 . whenever i am in doubt..!!! i just google the doubt

16 . She smiles, I cry.
She is outgoing, I am shy.
She Loves, I am alone
She is amazing, I am unknown.

17 . Sometimes I Wish I was an octopus. So I could slap eight people at once.

18 . My Phone is always on silent . I don’t even know if I have a ringtone if someone needs to contact me in an emergency, i suggest you call someone else

19 . Do you ever stress about money then accidently order clothes.

20 . If we are not meant to have midnight snakes, why is there a light in the fridge

21 . Someone told me “Loyal women Stay home” nah, Loyal woman stay loyal no matter where they go.!!!

22 . Website We Use Cookies for improve our performance ( ME, Cool yeah Same

23 . Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable.

24 . Not a brag, but i haven’t been late for anything in our two weeks

25 . “From bae to blocked” a true Love story

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